Contextly - Get Readers Reading More w/ Powerful Content Recommendations for Your Site

Hi, its Ryan Singel here.

Contextly is a powerful content-recommendation service for publishers helping you give readers ways to read more of your site, with related, popular and evergreen recommendations to your own content.

This includes recommendations modules at the end of your posts and in the body of your posts. Contextly is mature software (10 years serving WordPress sites), and we’ve just built a smart integration with Ghost.

Contextly works on any Ghost theme and with content that’s public, paywalled or mixed. It has rich features to filter out posts by url/tag/author, a tool to tweak how the related algorithm works, fantastic daily/weekly/monthly email reports, and its cookie-free so it’s GDPR and CCPA-compliant, & much more.

Our recommendations are computed in our cloud-hosted environment, and are far more powerful and flexible than what’s available in Ghost themes.

We already have a few Ghost sites using Contextly, but would love to have some beta testers of the new integration.

Contextly is subscription-based, but we have a free 3-week trial, no credit card required.

As an offer to beta testers, we will offer 40% off our annual fee for the first year for the first 10 Ghost sites. Our personal level covers up to 50K PVs/month for $9/month or $59/year before the discount. More pricing info on our website.

What it looks like:
Main Module at the end of a post

AutoSidebar in the middle of a post

Control Panel (Main Module controls)

How to see it in action on live Ghost sites:,

How to learn more about Contextly: and support docs at

How to try it out for your site: Go to to get started.

Installation requires creating an Integration, adding scripts to your header and footer and modifying one theme file.

Happy to answer any questions you might have or hear any feature requests.

Really excited to have this live and we have big plans for what we can do next.



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