Contributing: Docs?

Hey there,
I’m a new-ish Ghost user. I’m currently using Ghost for a personal blog but interested in using Ghost in a more professional capacity.
I am fairly technically oriented and would love to contribute to Ghost. I’ve found that a good entry point to Open Source projects is through the Docs. I noticed that the TryGhost/docs, on Github, was archived in 2019.
I figure this is because the platform is relatively self explanatory, especially with all the content in the default theme. Just wondering if contributing to TryGhost/casper or TryGhost/gatsby-starter-ghost would be a good alternative or maybe building themes to share with the community?
Love to hear thoughts from the core team, especially @Hannah, since she was the last contributor at TryGhost/docs.



It occurs to me that maybe the docs were renamed or hosted elsewhere but it isn’t clear where they would be.

Hi Eric, our docs are now part of the main website - which is not open source (we tried that, people kept just ripping the whole site and making copies of it) - but you can find our contributing guide here: