Control post image size via code injection

Dear All,

I am using the Edition theme and can only use code injection to modify the theme. Featured images in a post look enormous for me. Is there a way to set up an upper limit for the featured image to, say, the text width of the post, for the featured image within a post?

I have tried using code injection and modified some of the code given here How to use responsive images in Ghost themes but I have been unsuccessful so far.


Edition specifically has multiple different post templates that show the image at different widths. If you open the right menu in the post editor, you should see a couple different options for templates. Try choosing the narrow one and see if that meets your wants?

Otherwise, you could try setting something like

.single-media {
max-width: 720px;
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;

Thanks, your help here and elsewhere is much appreciated!

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