Copy/Paste not working anymore

Recently updated Ghost to new server and latest everything.

Lots of my blog posts have the same format, so normally I copy/paste the content to get me going.

This doesn’t work for me anymore. This is the error I get.

Request was rejected because user is not permitted to perform this operation.

The thing is, I’m logged in as admin. Copying text from another post of mine (direct text from edit page).

Anyone know what is stopping this from being allowed… and what I may have not setup or configured correctly?

Check you don’t have any firewalls or security features on your new server or CDN. This error can occur when they cause a save request to be rejected because they incorrectly think it contains bad content.

Thanks for the tip @Kevin. I vaguely remember having this issue years ago when I setup my old site. For the life of me I can’t figure it out though. I’m running through Cloudflare, so I’m 99% certain this is the issue. Site is hosted on Digital Ocean with a similar droplet to old site, so unlikely there is something there.

Will keep digging and ask around Cloudflare forums. Thanks again.

Found it! It was a Cloudflare rule. I had this old rule that turned off my firewall


I changed this out to, based on one of your other posts.


Copy/paste working again… Thanks!


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