Not able to copy text from Ghost blog

Hi, I have run into this weird problem where I am not able to place the cursor anywhere on my ghost blog articles. It copies whole paragraphs and I am not able to highlight any text on the page.

Hey @Rushabh_Sheth :wave:

This looks like an issue with your theme; in your css file, there’s this block of styles:

::selection {
    text-shadow: none;
    background: color(var(--blue) lightness(+30%));

Which basically ends up creating a transparent background for selected text.

You can see that this is the case by adding this to your header code injection:

::selection {
  background: #8290fc

And trying again


@vikaspotluri123 , thank you so much! Changing the CSS ::selection style worked.
Was breaking my head on figuring out if copy and paste was disabled on the blog rather than checking CSS.

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