Costum errors banner for 413 error code


We just migrated from wordpress to Ghost. Although we found every bits of information concerning most errors, I have a little bit that is bugging me (pun intended).

As we are somewhat limited on storage on our server, and because we have many pictures and posts, I decided to limit

to 1M. It would avoid any huge pictures from being uploaded and all that jazz.

However I would like to change one little thing, and I can’t seems to find it. Keep in mind that I am in now way a developper, I know very little about NodeJS and my web design memories are from 2008.

Back to the little thing : is there a way to change the message that is shown when trying to upload a big file (as shown here :

Like I would like to show something like " Request is larger than the maximum file size (1mo) the server allows ". What should I do, should I modifiy a specific file ? Create one under my theme root ?

For information here’s my stack :
Digital Ocean hosting
Cloudfare DNS
Costume theme (newsportal)

Hope you’ll be able to help me, thanks for reading !

It would be pretty complicated to do this, since you would have to modify the Admin interface, and then create a custom build of Ghost with the modified interface. These messages exist in multiple locations:

I expected this answer. Well my user will remember the max size of files and that’s it ! Thanks