Cove Comments not appearing on Edition theme?

Hi, all! I’m a complete novice with HTML and I’m trying to add a comment section through Cove. My theme is Edition, and I’ve gone through and copied everything out as explained on the Cove installation website.

However, this is what I’m seeing at the bottom of my site: a nice comment header, but no actual option to leave a comment. Can anyone help?

@dan might be able to help you better, as the creator of Cove.

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Hi @Asher! It looks like an issue with the integration code.

Can you try moving the {{/post}} tag in post.hbs below where you added the Cove code? This is a common issue with the Edition theme.

Let me know how you get on.

Hi! Thanks for the response. I’ve done that, I think: here’s a screenshot of the code in post.hbs. Still doesn’t seem to be working.

Is the code from comments.hbs supposed to be pasted in here as well?

Hi, Dan. Didn’t hear back from you, just following up to make sure you saw this.

Hi Asher, I believe we fixed this over email, right? Technically that code should work, but it depends what’s in your comments.hbs file

Yeah, we did. Thanks!