UI issues with native commenting


The comment box’s bord setting seems to be so faint that its border is illegible, and the user cannot directly customize its configuration because of the use of tailwind.

Also, is there any new progress on integrating cove to commenting?

This offical post once said:

The new {{comments}} helper provides an ideal hook for external integrations to embed their own code, and we’re working towards making it possible to completely replace Ghost comments with powerful 3rd party systems like Cove or Discourse.

Also, the integration of algolia into the native comment UI.

Our plan for the next iteration of Search is to make it extensible, so the UI remains largely the same - but it will be possible to completely replace the back-end search functionality and index with something more technically sophisticated (like Algolia) for large/hungry publishers who need even more power.

Hopefully these two features will be great for 6.0!

The UI of commenting seems to conflict with some of the official themes, the following is the effect in the journal theme, there seems to be no problem, but in edition, solo and other themes there is the above problem.