Create a newsletter hidden from public options

I have both a public newsletter, and a separate private newsletter that’s only for the organizing committee of our organization. At the moment (and I swear this wasn’t always the case, but no matter), the private list is showing up as an option for all public subscribers on the “Choose your newsletters” page during the sign-up flow. It’s defaulting to off, but they are able to turn it on. Is there any way to make it completely hidden from the public sign-up flow, so subscription to that list is only managed by me in the back end?

I know I can sort of do this using labels on the main list, rather than having a separate list, but that way doesn’t let me run with a different template and other newsletter settings.

Using self-hosted Ghost, 5.69.2.


I have at least two usecases for non public newsletters as a way to communicate with my professional network. Is there any way to set this up?

+1 I am also having this issue, which can create a confusing user flow especially when trying to create invite only tiers (i.e. not only do new subscribers see what should otherwise be a hidden newsletter, but when they try to “upgrade”, there is no plan for them to select). Any existing workarounds?

I can’t tell direclty but try do inject code with one’ll hide those newsletter list ;)