Closed Newsletter

Is it possible to create a newsletter and manage it without giving the possibility to users to subscribe to it?
I would like to select some of the users from the main free newsletter and add them to this “closed” one.

I’d say use Mailchimp or any of the “pure” e-mail newsletter platforms for your secret newsletter, and keep Ghost as lead-magnet and community. Don’t know your use-case, but when your members subscribe to premium you can add them to the secret e-mail list with an integration using Zapier (classic) or (more fun…)

Thanks for the answer. Found another way too, just by using Ghost/Mailgun combo:

  1. Start by creating a free and paid tier.
  2. Disable signup to the paid tier from Portal Setting > Tiers available at startup > Toggle Free only.
  3. Now the paid tier users can only be added manually by giving them a complimentary paid subscription from the Ghost admin.

Pretty cool!

Nice, can you check one thing… when un-subscribing from a ‘public’ newsletter - is the secret newsletter visible in the unsubscribe box? And can a user then subscribe to the (if this is the case, not so ) secret newsletter, from the unsubscribe box? I had this issues previously, thus suggesting moving it outside Ghost… maybe this has changed…

There isn’t, because the “Paid” users list isn’t a newsletter, but a tier. So “free” users will only see the free newsletter list and not the tier.

OK, you’re publishing a post and sending it to Premium members only.
I was thinking about the user Account settings, where all Newsletters are visible…