Toggle for public/private newsletters

Per this forum thread, myself and several other users have multiple use cases for having newsletters which do not appear in the public list of options —

For me, I have both a public newsletter, and a separate private newsletter that’s only for the organizing committee of our organization. Currently anybody signing up to the public list is offered the private list as an option in the “choose your newsletters” part of signup flow — I can default it to off, but not hide it (without hacks of embedded code). I would like this private list to be completely hidden to public users so I must add manually on back end.

As others have posted on that thread above, this could be as simple as a “Public / Private” toggle on the Newsletter Design page.

Although I could use labels on the main list to group my private members, this would not allow me to easily use a different template or manage subscription status independently.

I definitely would love to see this feature added. I want to send professional newsletters to businesses without subscribers being able to see the newsletter as an option upon signup.


I use Ghost to organize a club’s events. I have several lists where the membership is managed by a script based on an RSVP response to the event invitations. These lists only exist for automation purposes - organizers need to be able to schedule their reminder/follow up emails with the attendees. Would be great to make these private on the back end only

Similarly to @The_Metalverse above, I am trying to convert my professional website to Ghost. I need to be able to send newsletters to several types of people: casual followers of my published work, current clients, potential clients, etc. I’d like for my more general newsletter to be publicly available, but not my lists of privately curated professional contacts.