Creating a Gallery via multiple image URLS versus uploads

Hey there, I’m just wondering if there’s a way to create a gallery of images within a post, but instead of uploading them locally, providing the direct URL for them.

I like to link to my photos via /image when I can to save on server space as I am self hosting via digitalocean, since most of the images I include on my posts are hosted elsewhere or my own uploads to sites like imgBB.

I’m not unfamiliar with markdown as a whole but I’ve done some pretty lengthy googling in hopes that maybe there was a way to do it manually (like in a markdown box) but didn’t have much luck. I’d like the capability to reduce a post’s length by creating gallerys of image links instead of having one placed after the other.

Hoping anyone on here might have any ideas! :slight_smile:

Clarification: I am not looking to add hyperlinks to photos within a gallery, I am looking to create a gallery made up of image urls.

I like to link to my photos via /image

Once you’ve done that you can drag those image cards onto a gallery card to add them to the gallery.

One slight wrinkle at the moment is that you’ll need to have uploaded an image to the gallery first although that can be deleted after you’ve dropped one of your other images in. Support for dropping an image card onto an empty gallery card hasn’t been implemented so far.

Amazing!! Thank you so much. Uploading an image first was the key piece I was missing… I saw in other posts about dragging uploaded imaged into the gallery but couldn’t get it to work myself haha.

I started to fiddle with Markdown tables and it was somewhat working… but the visual aspect of the galleries is so nice, I’m glad I can fully utilize it!