Trying to make a gallery image with links

I am trying to make an image gallery card with hyperlinks for the images. I read in a previous forum post that you could do this with Ghost 4.0 by creating an image gallery, creating an image card, setting the link on the card, and then dragging it back into the gallery. It sounds like it worked at one point in time but is not working now. When I drag back into the gallery the image seems to lose its links. Any help / advice would be appreciated.

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What I discovered was that adding a link to an image card, then dragging the card into a gallery does retain the link, but it’s not very obvious that it does, because clicking on the image with your left mouse button (like you would normally click on a link to open it) just opens the image, but clicking instead with your middle mouse button does open the link in a new tab. I am not sure whether this is the intended behaviour.