Trouble adding markdown linked images into a gallery

I wonder if I’m doing it wrong, or if the Edition theme doesn’t support adding markdown-linked images to galleries. Here’s what’s happening:


I’ve created a linked image using the markdown editor. I’ve also created an image gallery and added an image to it (per the instructions found elsewhere on the forum). When trying to drag the linked image into the gallery, nothing happens. I can rearrange the gallery and the linked image, but I cannot add the image into the gallery.

Can anyone help me solve this?

Site details:

  • I’m using Ghost v4.0 on Ghost(Pro) with the Edition theme (v1.0.0)
  • I’m on Firefox, but I’ve also tried in Google Chrome and get the same error.

The markdown card’s content is fully separate to the main editor, images you create in there are not the same as image cards so can’t be dragged and dropped in the same way.

You can create a normal image card and add a link to it, then drag that into a gallery.

I thought the only way to add a link to a normal image card was by dragging it into a markdown editor and adding the link manually. I don’t see another option for adding a link to an image card.

When you click on an image card there is an “Add link” option in the toolbar.

I tried this method and I’m getting the same result. When I drag the image (linked in this way) onto the gallery, nothing happens. I can realign the two, but cannot add the image into the gallery. I’m going to activate a different theme and see if anything changes.

Update: this method works in Google Chrome but not in Firefox. Thanks for your help, Kevin!