Creating a text live feed inside a Ghost article

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I want to build a live feed (text), you know like some medias are using to cover events like WWDC, Nintendo Directs, where they update continuously the article, with timestamp, and it has a special template. A Bit different from usual news articles. I wanted to know what would be the best way to implement it with Ghost ?

I could just, use MarkDown to format, but I think it could be done a better way. To add a colored vertical line on the side, with timestamp inside the line, or some cool design stuff.

Btw I’m using latest Ghost version, with the Beta editor, and a custom theme based on headline. (

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You certainly could create a custom template for these sorts of posts, with some extra styling. But custom templates don’t get you access to extra places to put content (they just make the content look different). So you can’t attach a whole series of separate timestamps or subsections to a post, unless you create them in the Ghost editor, as part of the body of the post. You could do that with markdown or html cards (and add some styling for those in the custom template to make it easier), or you could consider maybe using the product card and restyling it (possibly rewriting with javascript). I like product cards for places that I need some content grouped together but don’t want to work with markdown or html cards.

Here’s an example. product card example

Those are product cards. The date is actually the start of the description, relocated with css. (You could get fancy and put it somewhere else, or sideways, or whatever.) All it needed was a little extra styling.

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