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I haven’t yet installed Ghost. Still in the process of choosing the right CMS for my blog. Can I have a way in which News articles from other publishers be automatically added to my website. I am new to this and cannot find any straightforward solution for Ghost.

That will depend on your setup but I suggest looking at: Ghost Integrations – Connect your favourite Tools & Apps to your site there are plenty of ways to pull in content automatically. Zapier is heavily used with ghost and of course you can write your own tooling that uses the ghost API to create/delete/update posts.

Thanks @csgeek for your inputs will surely look into Zapier.

Echoing the amazing stuff you can do with Zapier (and mostly without code). You could investigate the Feedly integration or some similar tool.

Another non-Ghost thing to keep in mind is that you may run into copyright and/or SEO issues if you’re simply republishing full posts of duplicate content (unless that content is CC licensed).

Oh yes, that is an issue that could come up. While my main intent is not to republish what has been published by them (news publishers) rather simply automatically add relevant news links along with headlines that can take my viewer to the news website.

Okay after a couple of searches all these days, there is an option for adding customised RSS news aggregator feed into Ghost Blog.

The solution to this would be with a website named an easy to use RSS Feed reader and aggregator with an added twist of customising the whole look of your curated content and later embedding the Javascript code or Iframes right into your post.

That’s great. Thanks for sharing that, I’ll have a look at

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