Creating platform with multiple offerings - blending blog/writing, music and coaching


I’m looking to use Ghost as a one stop shop for all of my creative endeavours, showcasing my various personal and professional writing projects, as well as my various musical projects, and potentially being a platform for new clients to sign up for coaching with me too.

Has anyone seen any examples of such platforms on the site? And/or would anyone be able to recommend a theme or layout which would work for this ie having multiple offerings? I’m new to this so any help much appreciated!

You can create custom pages. For instance, you can place all your soundcloud tracks or youtube videos on a single page. Look at my blog—go to and scroll down to the bottom.

For coaching signups you’ll have to integrate another solution like and add to the site button with link to calendar.

Thanks so much for this!

I’ve also been looking to potentially outsource the construction of my platform. Can you recommend someone who is good value?

Most premium themes can do what you are describing with no custom coding. For example, I purchased Nurui to build a similar tag page and you could use the special route collection documentation to build different routes that only load a specific tag to do your content separation.

At that point just use the Ghost powerful editor to put content. You can embed anything complicated by just dropping down to a raw HTML block.

@Ronan_Loughney more of an FYI because your subject line grabbed my attention, I am using a blend of Ghost and to help me manage/promote with me with my personal coaching business. The theme I use is GitHub - TryGhost/Ease: A minimal documentation theme for Ghost because it allows me to easily share content - to see it all in action visit