CSS :: Editiorial ::?

The CSS in the Editorial Theme is coming up as a string of code as opposed to a properly formatted set of instructions. Does anybody know why this would be the case? I am trying to reproduce the sidebar element in another theme.

You’re looking at the compiled theme; if you’re looking for specific components, check out the repository:

I’m a bit confused. Are you pointing to the development section posted in the referenced link, or are you pointing me to the css files on the Github page?

Thanks. Z-.

The file has been minified. You can unminify the file to see a readable structure.

There are loads of generators online you can use.

I was pointing you to the development section; assuming you get everything set up, the main css file you’re looking for is /assets/main/sass/main.scss.

You’ll probably want to create a new file called _customizations.scss in the sass folder (where you can add all the changes you’re looking to make), and in main.scss, add @import 'customizations'; at the very end of the file