Why can't I modify the screen.css?

Hello, there! I would like to change the .post-card on screen.css min-height to 200 px but I can’t make it possible, even If upload the newest zip that contains that little modification it doesn’t reflect it.

My blog: https://rolhdz.net/

Do you have any ideas if it could be another issue?

Hola Rolando. For css clases that already exist its faster to use the code-injection section and do some trial & error. Its quite easy cause you don’t have to upload / transpile anything. Just whatever valid css you inject on the header make sure to be within the <style> your valid css </style> tags.

You need to compile your css changes:

As @lmuzquiz mentioned, code injection will be much easier, and you don’t have to maintain your style changes when casper updates


Rather than compile, I took the cheaters way of directly modifying the compiled/minified CSS. I de-minimised it to make it intelligible to humans.

I apologize to the programming overlords… I never learned how to do stuff like version control and could really do with a tutorial, the stuff people probably learn in the first class they take these days (not me, there was no version control for assembler! I think…)

It works… haha.

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Hi @dana Im no expert, but i do know that transpiling SCSS into CSS -or minifying CSS- has nothing to do with control version or git. I would almost certainly has more to do with gulp or grunt, but not necessarily. On the other hand, on ghost It’s way easier to modify css clases just using the code-injection section, than to open the minified css file and edit it.

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Wow! That was fast and efficient. I added some lines to the code injector and it’s working great.

However, I will learn how to compile my css changes in a future.

Thank you, guys!