Currency symbol disappeared after last update?

Hi all,

Just updated to the latest version of Ghost and on my membership page ( the $ symbol has disappeared. Do you have any idea what could have caused this?

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I think you need to check your theme. The currency can be displayed with the following handlebar:


Thanks so much, in my code I see:

<span class='c-membership-plan__sign u-type-uppercase'>{{ @price.currency_symbol }}</span>

So will try changing / updating to just @price.currency.


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OK, I can see that @price.currency_symbol is no longer supported :slight_smile:

We no longer want to maintain a list of currency symbols now that we support 100+ currencies,
so we will be relying on the {{price}} helper in themes and Intl.NumberFormat elsewhere.

Amazing; yeah, that fixed it! Thanks so much.

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