Custom base URL issue with Lyra

So I think this is an issue across the board with the member links in Lyra. I have correctly configured the URL in my config but all my member functionality related links go to my main domain instead of the subdirectory.

For reference, the site is and the blog is at

I forked the repo and noticed that the issue is with the fact that the hrefs used are /signin and /signup instead of concat @site.url "/signin". I was going to make the changes and then create a PR but then I noticed that it’s a similar issue with the links in the emails that get sent upon signup or when a user tries to sign in so I figured it made more sense to create the issue here.

I’d really appreciate some help with this as it basically stops users from using the members functionality on the blog. Thank you!

The URL sent in the emails uses the url in your sites config - so this should not be an issue! Are you seeing an issue with the links in the emails?

Hey Fabien,

Yes, I am facing this issue. I run a NextJS app on my primary domain and use a reverse proxy to host the blog on a subdirectory.

Here’s the URL I receive in the email.

Is this the expected behavior and I am supposed to handle this on my end? Or should the action in the URL properly redirect the user to the subdirectory? Because, right now, the user is sent to signup/?action=checkout on the root domain and not the subdirectory.