Custom Bio length for Users


Picking up an issue a coworker and I had a month or two ago.

Attempting to build ghost in a docker container with a custom schema.js file(Bio Character count changed). My dockerfile copies over a my custom schema.js into a directory in the container, and I am also copying over a custom entry-point. Inside the custom entry-point I move the copied schema.js into /custom/core/server/data/schema/. The container is built successfully and I can get into the container, cd to the mentioned path and open up the custom copied schema.js and verify my edited character count. But the change is not reflected on the UI.
Main idea:
Have ghost use a custom entry-point that replaces the schema.js with custom one at deployment so that ghost builds using my custom schema.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any insight as to why the change is not reflected on the UI, even after verifying my custom schema replaced original at build would be super helpful



Any thoughts on this?


There is a discussion around this already here: Bio Length For users

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