Change character length of author bios


We need to have longer bios than the 200 char limit, we did used to change this within the ghost.min js file but this doesn’t work anymore in the latest version (3.3.0), has this been moved? where do we now change it?

Hi @Emma_Rayfield. This seems like a risky thing to do, editing the minified code could have unknown affects elsewhere. Could this not be done with a custom page that shares the same name as the author? That way you’d get the full editing experience shown in the page view :slight_smile:

Hi @DavidDarnes, this is what we were recommended to do before knowing that it was risky. We just need to change the bios from 200 to 500 and we have a lot of authors so making a page for each one would be lengthly processes

If you don’t want to create a custom template per author, what if instead each author page used the standard author template, but included a link at the end of the bio that said “keep reading…”. I feel like (without trying it myself) that the URL in the template could be automatically generated using handlebars; e.g. <a href=“/{{ author }}-bio/“>keep reading…</a>

It’d keep your code vanilla, while allowing your authors to easily create a page with their full bio using existing Ghost tools (so long as they set the page slugs to authorslug-bio.

I haven’t tested that! Just an idea. :slightly_smiling_face:



We managed to do our usual edits to the core files and restart ghost again and for some reason it worked.
Although this is risky having author pages wouldnt work for us as we want to display the full bio at the bottom of their blog post and need to keep the url the same. Would be great if the bio character length could be changed via a settings yaml file like the routes

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