Custom Content (i.e. Video)

If you have experience using Ghost to display podcasts or custom content, we’d love to hear from you!

Caroline, a tech entrepreneur in San Francisco, is one of our ideal users. She visits our site weekly to gain tips on saving for retirement via our video podcasts (i.e. videocasts).

When Caroline viewed our homepage yesterday, she saw a newsfeed of our latest articles and videocasts. Caroline prefers our videocasts so she clicked on one and was redirect to a page that contains the video at the top along with brief content to the right and comments below. If she clicks on the gray “theater mode” button below the videocast player, the video becomes full-width by covering up the brief content. However, the comment second below the video doesn’t change.

With Ghost, how would we able to use the CMS for custom content like videocasts? As of right now, our page template uses a variable called “video_url” which has its column field in our database.

Hey @boston14 :wave:

Adding videos to a Ghost post can be done with the YouTube card, the custom embed card or the HTML card. Using a service like YouTube would be a good way to offload the video management and effort it requires to build a good video player. There really isn’t a need for a custom field to manage a single video URL.

To achieve the post interface you speak of it’s as straightforward as building any custom post template. With some JavaScript and CSS you could add a “theatre mode” option which expands the video to the full width of the page while still showing the comments.

We have a range of guides in our docs which can give you an idea of whats possible with Ghost theming. Take this one for example, on how to create a custom post template:

Hope this helps and gives you an idea of what’s possible :blush: