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Hi there,

I am currently evaluating various headless CMS to find out which CMS we should use for our project. We sell homepages for real estate agents and up to now we used Wordpress but we want to switch to a more modern solution that provides more speed and security.

One requirement that we have is that the real estate data needs to be presented. In Wordpress we used Custom Post Types for that which is basically a set of custom fields (key-value-pairs) with which the data of a real estate can be specified (e.g. type of building, price, number of rooms, living space, location, etc.). Furthermore, the CMS must be able to filter posts by these fields, so for example show all real estates of type X, in location Y with a price less than Z.

Is there a feature like that in ghost?

If not is there any other way to achieve that?

Any help is very much appreciated.


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Disclaimer: I have created the tool I am referencing in this response

Hi @dirkil,
Welcome to the forum! Ghost doesn’t have a custom fields but you can use to add custom fields to Ghost.

To accomplish that you create your custom fields, create a template and add that template to your post as an HTML card. Gaspr takes care of displaying your custom values in the post. Right now it doesn’t have a filter feature but I would like to hear more about your usecase and see if I can help you accomplish that with Gaspr

Let me know if you need any help setting it up