Custom fields in settings

We need custom settings fields to make our theme more user-friendly and more customizable.

did some find solution?

What kind of settings fields are you looking for?

i want custom field in area where i create post, some like add color, and won’t put that color in theme on some div

@Sceko You can use internal tags to do that! Organising Content in Ghost - FAQ

e.g. add the tag #color-blue and then in the theme you can use the has block to drive behavior based on tags

{{#has tag="#color-blue"}}
  <!-- do some stuff here -->

not that some like this Screenshot by Lightshot and i won’t enter #f00 and after add in template.
some like input in post, and i can crate other custom fields for other stuff

But thanks for this don’t know for internal tags, this is not show in tags? like tag to user can click and view post

And did is possible to add some field in settings and after use in theme? on what principle ghost it works with the base. It would be great to make people can create controller, model and scheme using cli command