Add and remove fields in page settings


We do need more flexibility in page settings menu.

For example what I need so much:

  1. Remove author field, or make it possible create posts without authors;
  2. Add a field in page settings calling Source with simple hyperlink to a source of your information;
  3. And so on.

Thanks in advance

  1. Author is required in database back-end. I afraid about backward compatibility of allowing to posts without author. A lot of existing code - for example templates probably assume that author is defined and do not handle exception of lacking author. I propose to vote on feature request of add general config

Geolocation Information and Post Mapping

that can be treated by your template by custom way.

As a workaround I propose to create tag #authorHidden with # - private tag. You can customize your template to use private tags and hide author in current version of Ghost.

  1. Can you explain what do you mean?

  2. Again I propose to vote on extension of model of post that was proposed in

Geolocation Information and Post Mapping

  1. We are making a news site, and as you know a lot of news are rewrites and reposts from other sources. So we need to put a link or a name to a source of information under every post and this is inconvenient with a large flow of articles.

It would be great to have an ability to add fields to page settings which could be then used in template.


I think it is a very specific use case and not a lot of Ghost sites need it as such. Thus, it is most probably better to try to implement it somehow at the theme level as I am not sure it warrants an admin update (though, source it is important for journalism projects/websites and some blogs as well).

My case in just an example. There could be hundreds of possible use cases with additional fields in page settings. Take a look at CraftCMS for this example.

There should be a possibility to add some kind of additional data in page settings.

I don’t deny that as custom content types (and fields) are something that I would also like to see in Ghost.

You might want to explore dynamic routing meanwhile: