Custom integration


I am new to Ghost Platform. I would like to build a custom integration for which I would like to have some guidelines from more seasoned contributors here.

I would like to add a customised pay wall feature which the publisher can control.

Please let me know how I can proceed.

Did you mean a separate payment system? It’s possible to use a separate payment system, and respond to webhooks from that payment system to create or upgrade users in Ghost. I did some work with https://activator.hq to make that happen, for example.

Or maybe you just meant you wanted to control what items each user has access to? You can set up multiple subscription tiers and allow some articles for one or multiple tiers only.

What isn’t built into Ghost is the ability to let a user pay for one article, or the ability to let a user have a couple articles a month and then lock them out. I have some thoughts on how you might make that happen, but you’d need a third party service of some sort.