Custom js don't seems work

Hi there,

I’m using the online version of ghost, so the last version.

I have made a side of my site using ghost with the blog, posts and so, that’s perfectly working

I now have to make the other part of the site: the section where I speak about the blog and so… I know how to create new static pages, paste code in it and had a dedicated and personalized page,

So in this page, the css runs correctly, with the handle bars used like in the blog, but it seems that when I use the same thing with customs js (the script handle bar), the js don’t show up

The path are correct, I checked, but several js seems to not work perfectly, event if I linked them with the correct handle bar in the page I am working on,

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance !


Are you using normal JavaScript on the page or handlebars? For JavaScript you could just use the code injection option on the relevant page

Hi @DavidDarnes

Thanks for your quick answer :slight_smile:
I’m using handlebars directly in the code for javascript on the page,

Could you post the code you’re using? Sorry, I’m not 100% getting the scenario you’re describing :sweat_smile: