Help with starting Ghost theme dev (newbie)

While I definetly know my way around computers, I’ve never done any webdev. Now I want to do some custom theme building in ghost (and also use it as an opportunity to learn some webdev in general). As far as I can see, that means learning some js, css and html, and then handlebars. Is that right? If yes: Are there any tutorial (series) you can recommend for the individual ‘languages’, maybe some that you found good or are particularly helpful in regards to ghost?
Thanks for any advice.

The best practice is to use Casper theme as an example and look under the hood. Look how theme is built and start playing with modifications - follow Ghost theme documentation. This way you can learn by doing. Then you can start and build your own stuff.

Welcome, Nino! We’re always excited to have some potential new developers and Ghost is a fantastic place to learn the ropes.

How do you like to learn? Do you like to read things step by step or jump head-first into a project?

I’d begin with HTML (the content), followed closely by CSS (the style :sunglasses:), with JS at the end (the added functionality).

For HTML and CSS, I like Codecademy. For JS, I like:

Ghost uses Handlebars for templating, which means helping you fill your templates with your site’s real data. I think our docs will tell you everything you need to know and you can learn it in an afternoon:

Finally, we also have a Tutorials page that covers a lot of the basics of building a Ghost site.

Welcome @Nino – Ghost is the ideal platform for the learning the coding languages you are describing!

My favorite online resources for finding and learning things are:

Thanks a lot for the answers! Very nice, will have a look at everything :)