Custom route with posts data

I’m using Ghost 3 and I’m trying to make a custom route which should have the same data (posts) available as the index-route has.

I tried to make my yaml like below, but I get a 404 error when I go to allposts. I do have created an allposts.hbs file so it should

    data: page.home
    template: allposts

    permalink: /{slug}/
    template: index

  tag: /tag/{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/


    <div class="post-feed">

        {{#foreach posts}}

        {{> "post-card"}}



Are you using the uploader in admin to upload your routes.yaml file?

Hi Kevin,
Yes exactly, if I remove the
In my yaml file my page is loading correctly so seems that the uploading is working correctly.

Cool, was just checking in case the file was being edited directly :slight_smile:

Have you created a page with the slug home for the route’s data to be pulled from?

Ehhh, seems like a bit of a rookie mistake on my part, I haven’t made a slug, however m aybe it makes sense instead to just present my intent with the custom route:

  1. I want the index.hbs to show just the 3 most recent posts, no matter which author. This works :+1:
  2. I want a separate page allposts to show all the posts that has been made, no matter which author.

Thanks for the quick responses Kevin :heart: