Custom RSS for Ghost

Hi guys!

I need your help, tell me how you can customize RSS feeds in Ghost? I need to add the turbo attribute with the value true to the item element. Look like this

<item turbo="true">

I tried using this instruction How to connect Yandex Turbo-pages to Ghost blog but it does not work

I use Ghost 2.37, and custom RSS is not working. I see this:

If you view-source of the page, everything looks correct. There seems to be an illegal character in one of your posts though

It doesn’t look like an RSS feed like the one that shows Ghost from the box. I would like to get a tape of the same kind, and not the porridge that is now (

The document tree might not be shown because the size :thinking:

can this be fixed?

Which error did you get? Did you add routes as I described it? Looks like the format is wrong. You should see the result like this one: <![CDATA[ ]]>

You may set attribute limit to 30, or so, inside the line {{#get "posts" filter="tags:[en]" limit="all"}}.

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Thank you, I made a limit of 500 entries and it worked!

Can anyone help me with create an rss.hbs to limit the words in an feed? Shared on telegram post the complete post, that’s bad

I improved @Alexey_Kartashev’s turbo.hbs file and added image, excerpt and auto language detector. Also i changed content filter. You can check out from here. Thanks again to Alexey for his guide.