RSS Feed Pagination in Ghost Pro

Hi everyone. Is there a way to paginate the RSS feed in Ghost? Currently, the feed returns a maximum of 15 items. I’d like to either increase the limit, or collect items by visiting all the available pages. I was not able to find any documentation about this.

Appreciate the help.

Neither of those things are possible, although you can build your own custom RSS feed

But it smells like you’re trying to solve some other problem? Are you maybe looking for the JSON API?

Thanks for the response Hannah. I tried going through the article, but hit a blocker when I came to the part where I needed to modify the theme to add the custom rss feed: for me to upload a new theme, I need to upgrade my plan from Starter to the next tier, which is more than double the price.

If I upgrade, then I get access to the API, and I don’t need the RSS feed anyway. So no matter what I try to do, I need to either upgrade or self host in order to get around the 15 post limit.

Hi Jason, I’m in the same boat. Busy working on a work around for myself.

Did you manage to get one worked out for you?