Custom template pages

Hello everyone, I am trying to create an email newsletter but I don’t like the custom ghost email template. What I was thinking was to create a custom page template and fill it up and send my emails using that format. Will this approach work? Will Ghost get the custom template design inside the emails? Please help. Thank you.

At this time, if you don’t like Ghost’s default email template, you have 2.5 options:

  1. Use a different service to send the emails. You can still use Ghost for writing, content gating, etc.
  2. Hack the Ghost core (not recommended) and modify the email template
    2.5 - Not really counting this, but you can control some aspects of the newsletter (like the font or if your logo shows up). You might be okay with the end result!

HTML Email is nothing like web development and is terrible to work with. You don’t get to use modern CSS, and most people end up using table layouts to make things “not break”. So if you were to use a custom page, it probably wouldn’t display in a lot of email clients :wink:

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Thank you so much for the reply. I believe the newsletter template derives from template.js file and its a core ghost file. Why would you say it is not recommended to mess with? There is also a newsletter.html file which idk what it does :smiley: I figured the transactional emails just having trouble with the newsletters. Thank you a lot.

Since you’ll essentially be opting out of easy upgrades :slight_smile: Every time Ghost has an update, you have to perform the update, and modify the same files, while making sure nothing changed in Ghost that would render your change ineffective or broken