Ghost Email customization

Dear Ghost team,

you are all doing an amazing job, and we all love Ghost :slight_smile:

Still, in different threads I read about the necessity for email customization which I painfully noticed myself now.

We definitely need:

  • Translation of transactional emails
  • Design customization of transactional emails

The members feature you provide is amazing, but to build a real business model around it, we need to option to modify it as we have so many options to modify Ghost.

I enter this here in the ideas section to get votes, and link other threads:

Thank you and warm regards

I think this is very important, at least the translation of these emails.

It would be great to be able to write our own html and then use handlebars to pull in data, similar to how we do with the normal theming.

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you can edit the 3 templates for the transactional emails called:


Note: Those are core files and will be overwritten on ghost updates (so make backups)

EDIT: restart ghost after editing the files

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I have changed them, then tested a sign up and the changes have not taken effect. The files are showing correctly on the server.

Hi @Izak_Jackson,

have you restarted ghost?

That worked, thanks

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