Customise Magic Link email

Does anyone know if it is possible customise the text / content / styling of the magic link emails that you get with the members feature?

At the moment with Ghost 3.0 mine is saying “From the Sashin Exists team” when it’s just me.

Also I would love to be able to change the text so it’s from me and the styles so it matches my other emails.


It’s not yet possible, no. We’re listening to feedback on this first beta release in order to prioritise what to do next :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply!

This definitely has my vote :slight_smile:

It would be wonderful to be able to send a custom email or change the styling of the email (to match those to my mailing list through mailgun).

But it’s much, much more important that I can change the message.

My website’s name is my name, so at the moment it’s “From the team at Sashin”, haha.

Dear Forum,

I have a question with the freshly released Ghost 3.0.
Is it possible to customize the design of the mails sent within from ghost (mainly the subscribtion mails sent to users signing up via the website)?
I’m using Ghost as a docker image.

Best regards and thank you in advance,


I don’t think this is possible yet. I hope it is soon though :slight_smile: