Ghost purchased theme producer

Hi, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a message a few months ago, that Ghost Foundation acquired some Premium Theme producer of the Ghost themes and expect to integrate them into the marketplace.

But, I can’t see anything like that, nor can’t I find the news again.

Is it my mistake or that is something that happened some time ago? If it’s the later, where can I browse and choose the theme?

I believe I have seen hundreds of them (feel bad for not saving the bookmark!)

You referring to the theme area? Ghost Themes - The Marketplace

Or the acquiring of IVEEL? Ghost + IVEEL

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Yes, I believe that’s it, thank you! I somehow had much more themes in my imagination on they site :grinning:

Any other good source of good and verified themes?

I maintain a list of Ghost theme resources here …

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Apologies for the delay and thank you for sharing!

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a side tracked question from a ghost beginner here

If I purchase theme (or use free one) from the marketplace, is that considered as using custom theme that would boot me from the starter Pro plan?

Any theme that is not official (made by Ghost) is considered a custom theme.

As you noted, to use a custom theme, you need to be on the Creator plan or higher.

thanks @TheRoyalFig , just wonderin how I can build a comment system without the need of custom theme. I may start a new thread on this

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You could also consider some other managed ghost hosting choices such as getmidnight, digitalpress or firepress. All three of these choices have plans that allow a custom theme but are much cheaper than the ghost pro creator plan that you buy directly from ghost.

Great, thanks @gmf, I shall definitely look into these