Customizing a handlebars file not updating on the website

Hello, I am new to Ghost, i tried the Ghost(Pro) version for a little while but I moved to a self-hosted VPS for customisation purposes, anyway, I am using Attila theme as my base and I did some customisation, like inserting text in the footer and so on, but when I upload the handlebars file to my server i don’t see any changes, do I have to run a ghost-cli command to update or compile something?

I am working by having a synced folder on my PC and uploading or syncing the handlebars file with SFTP withing vscode, after this, I refresh my website but i don’t see any changes. It still looks the same as before, like nothing changed, I even tried some extreme edits just in case I was missing something, but nope, nada, zip.

I am a complete noob when it comes to handlebars, i looked at the markup and it seemed easy, I guess it is not that straight forward or I underestimated it like most things in my life.

Could someone point me to the right direction?

When you run Ghost in production, it uses some performance enhancements, like caching templates. So if you change a template, Ghost won’t know about it - you need to restart the instance for Ghost to pick it up.

In development mode, you won’t run into this, since these performance enhancements are intentionally not enabled :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!


With ssh navigate to your Ghost installation directory

e.g. /var/www/your-site

And just restart Ghost with the command

ghost restart


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