Unable to edit theme files...?

I have been trying to modify theme hbs files and it is having no effect. I upload the edited hbs file to the server and then reload ghost, but nothing has changed. It seems to be using the old, unedited file. I tried downloading the updated files from the server to see if they were actually replaced and they are good - they are the newly updated files I have just uploaded. So anyone know what I’m missing here? I don’t understand how it is still displaying the non-existent hbs files and completely ignoring the edited files.

Are you restarting your ghost instance or reloading the browser? Compiled handlebars files are cached in memory when Ghost is running in production mode so you’d need to restart your Ghost instance each time you modify a file directly on the server.

Probably cache, try active a different theme & then switch back to your edited theme… this helps me to avoid restarting ghost instance

Ah thank you, that’s what I was missing. My experience is limited to Wordpress and even that was over a decade ago. I’m still trying to catch up with what y’all are doing these days.