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Greetings, im new here, just started and bought the Daily News theme for my ghost webpage, because its nice. I have one issue , how do i remove this ‘‘sponsor . Themeforrest launch Websites and themes 3$ blablabla’’ ?

Hi there!

It’s unclear exactly what you’re asking.

It’d be helpful to include a link to the theme you purchased and a screenshot of the item you’d like to remove.


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Greetings, Daily News - Magazine and Blog Ghost Theme by GBJsolution | ThemeForest this is the theme

<— and the issue

Your best bet is to reach out to the theme developer, as they’ll be able to provide the best support for your question.

However, I think the answer is here, in the theme’s documentation:

In the theme files, you should be able to remove the ad widget to get rid of the sponsor section.

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Thank you very much, i appreciate the help, im a noob with coding, but i will make it work , hopefully.

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I succeeded in getting done what i wanted, thank you for that, i skipped the disqus story due to reading many bad stuff about it. But do i have to delete my theme and re add the new zip every time i change some variables? Or is there an easier way.

It depends on what you’re doing.

For smaller changes to CSS, for example, you can use Code Injection:

Otherwise, you will need to rebuild your theme, zip it, and upload it to your site (or use our GitHub Deploy action):

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You are amazing, thanks so much.