Ghost branding?

Hi there, can’t seem to find an answer to this.

Can I remove ghost branding on my website? I can see it can be removed from newsletter but how can I remove from the website. I’m guessing I need to buy a theme if I do will it offer me the option?

I know nothing about coding

And don’t take it personally Ghost I don’t do free advertising for anyone . It’s not part of my “thing” I don’t wear branded t.shirts, bumper stickers for my garage or anything in between. I’m interested in joining Ghost but this is a deal breaker for me.
Please advise.

Btw I submitted a request asking this question 48 hours ago and I’ve still had no reply. Considering that’s my first time submitting a question , that doesn’t bode well either.
So even though Ghost looks interesting I’m really leaning towards staying with my current provider.
It’s not going to be much use to me if I can’t get an answer to something. That too would be a deal breaker.
I don’t want to migrate over if these things are a consistent issue with Ghost doesn’t matter how slick or in in integrity Ghost is.
If you can’t get support to questions in realistic time frames it’s not going to work.
So , I’m still wondering …
thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello @Jul! I will try to help you if you can provide a link to your website…

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You can try modifying your existing theme. Head to your settings, and go to themes, after that you’ll need to click the download button on your active theme. Uncompress it, and you’ll need to remove the following line from your default.hbs file, <div><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Powered by Ghost</a></div> after removing this line, you’ll need to compress (zip) the folder, and upload it to your blog under the themes section in the settings, click the “Upload theme” button, and select your new file there.


Eek… Thankyou very much. But what a faff. Should definitely just be a standard option. Or a paid option .

I’m wholeheartedly with you on this one; I don’t wear clothing with branded logos on them. I know with themes you can remove the Ghost logos but I’m not sure if that’s the only place they are located for both self-hosted and pro users.

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The only place I’ve noticed it can’t be removed is in the bottom-left corner when somebody clicks the “Subscribe” button and the portal modal pops up. This is using the Casper theme but I assume it’s the same for every theme?


So how did you remove from Casper bottom of page? Thanks

@Jul, I edited the line in the default.hbs file as @leventdev suggested above.

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@Jul Placing the following in your code injection should get rid of it, no need to edit the theme:

footer div div {
    display: none;

Thank you what/where is the code injection in Casper? :thinking:

Code Injection is found in the settings area of the admin, bottom left. You can see it in this dated image. Add that code to the header portion and save it.




Has anyone had problems getting Ghost to reply to support? I submitted a request about this two days ago and still not had a reply. What on earth would I do if I had a critical problem and they are not turning support around.
I haven’t moved by site over yet, I’m just on the trial thing. So I’m interested in knowing what their tech support is like, before I make any move.

Did you send an email? I sent an email to and got a reply pretty quickly.

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Yea just checked it was that email . Sent on Tuesday…

That’s weird, maybe send a follow up?

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One downside to using code injection is that it will only hide the text “Powered by Ghost” and not allow you to replace it with something else. Whereas if you alter the template file you would be able to put whatever text and/or links you want in that bottom right corner of the page.

But if you’re happy for that section of the page to just be blank, then code injection is certainly the quickest way to do it.

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