Headline Theme update for Ghost Pro

I am using Ghost Pro as my host, and I currently use the Headline theme. I cannot seem to get the update to “remove the title and feature image from any page you’re building in Ghost” based on the new update announced on August 1, 2023.

Can anyone help? It seems that the Headline theme is not updating to the newest update to accommodate this new feature?

Pedro Cheung

Hi @pedrocheung , nice to meet you!

Themes don’t auto-update when Ghost updates. You have to reinstall. But I’m not sure that’s your problem, or anyway, I don’t think it’s all of your problem.

Easy things first: This feature only works on pages, so you’ll want to make sure you’re on a page.

If you aren’t even seeing the slider to remove the title and featured image, you are not in the beta editor. So go into /ghost > Settings > Labs, and make sure you’ve got the beta editor selected. (To self-hosters who might be reading: If you don’t see the slider in Labs, you need to update Ghost.) That slider enables the beta editor for NEW posts and pages.

Currently (unless the Ghost team snuck something into today’s release) that does /not/ change how old posts and pages are handled. So please create a new page (not post), and see if the new features appear correctly. If they do, you can copy your old content over to a fresh page. (If you open two tabs, copy and paste should work OK.) After you’ve got the new page looking right, give the OLD page a new slug (i.e. yourpage-backup), which is done in the right pullout menu, and give the NEW page the old page’s slug (i.e. yourpage). That way everything that used to link to the old page now links to the new page. Once it’s all good, you can delete the old page.

Now, to answer your question. To get your theme to update (which you might also need to do, if things don’t look right on the published page - it doesn’t affect the editor itself), you need to go through the process like you’re picking a new theme. So click the gear, then design > change theme (bottom left), then click the image of headline that appears. That process is going to /overwrite/ your existing headline, so make sure you download it first if there are any manual file changes you want. [Settings and Code Injection will not be affected.]


Thank you. Your answer is perfect.

I didn’t realize it does NOT change how old pages are handled. I was aware this feature is for pages only, and not posts. But I was trying to update my current pages and not creating a new page.

Thanks for the support and updating the platform with these additional features.

Pedro Cheung


Oh, that’s not me! All the credit goes to the Ghost team. I’m just a fangirl. :slight_smile:

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