Dashi - Ghost Theme

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce we released a new Ghost Theme: :sparkles: Dashi :sparkles:.

Demo | Explore & Purchase Dashi | Documentation

Dashi comes with a unique hero section, which is a call to action to either “Subscribe” or “Upgrade” depending on the user status (whether it’s a paying member, free member or regular user).
It also has a “filter” section provides an easy way to navigate between the tags.

Dashi has a dashboard style home page, with a side menu, it comes with 4 predefined colour schemes, which can easily be adapted, or new ones added.
Dashi has two home pages you can choose from, a 3 column post card layout and another one with 2 column and sidebar.

The theme comes with 3 different post types (these can be assigned to each post in Ghost Admin):

  • default - a single column post
  • with sidebar
  • with table of contents

Dashi comes with full support for Subscription & Membership feature of Ghost, and such unique pages were designed:

  • custom sign up page
  • custom sign in page
  • custom account page
  • custom membership page

Custom Post and Tag Archive pages.

A special offer for early adopters: the first 5 people to use the discount code dashi25 will get 25% off.

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Feel free to get in contact in case of questions.

Thank you,


Something totally different. Great work.

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Thank you @inoryum!

You are welcome…

Great Theme! If Portal is enabled, how does the management of the signup and signin pages change?

Thanks @giacomosilli!

By default the links point to the individual pages, if you prefer the Portal feature you would have to add the links/data-attributes from Ghost Admin > Portal > Links to the elements that currently point to the pages (in header, menu, etc). I will definitely add a section in the documentation, listing all the places where this needs to be done.

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I contacted you via the form :slight_smile:

I am a premium user, if I connect to the page Membership I can see the plans that give me the possibility to upgrade.

Also on the following page Ghost CMS subscription & membership, in the right sidebar, I see the block that invites me to upgrade my account, but I am already a premium user.

Even in the footer, I am still asked to subscribe.

I think you have to put many conditions in the template.

however still great work, I really like this theme very much.

I sent you an answer, you should have in in your inbox.

Thank you for the feedback, I fixed those issues, it should be fine now.
Thanks again for reporting it.

[v1.1.0] - a new home page layout was added with a featured post slider.
Check it out here.


great theme!

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You’re killing it again! If you need Turkish lang, i will help you again.


Thanks @tolgaaaltas!

Turkish translation would be great, I will contact you. :slight_smile:

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A new feature was added with version 1.2, called announcement, it looks like this:

An internal tag #announcement has to be assigned to posts and then it will show up with the bell icon.