Members Theme with Free-Only Subscribers?

Does anyone know of a theme that uses the members feature but doesn’t redirect to a “pay now” page after subscribing and has a good account page for free members?

I don’t want to have a “paid” section of my site but would like to have free members.

You can checkout our theme… On theme the membership features are controlled from ghost admin by just creating page with specific custom templates. You can easily have a free membership blog with this theme

Agreed! I love the work by @Kevin and @John and the rest of the Ghost team. Integrated Members and email is a great idea. I would simply love to see the option to make a totally free members blog.

As it stands now, there is a lot of “upgrade” language in Portal that makes it difficult to take advantage of the terrific audience-building power of Ghost if your use case is anything but paid memberships.

This was only a feature of the beta themes and is no longer how Ghost works - not sure if you’re maybe getting this topic confused with something else? Portal doesn’t show any upgrade language if you don’t connect Stripe AFAIK - but that’s also not related to themes - pls feel free to open a new topic and describe what’s happening if there’s a use-case we’re missing :slight_smile:

Thanks… I’ll give it a fresh look. Perhaps I was remembering the pre-4.0 Portal language.

UPDATE: Yes! I love that there is now no upgrade language when Stripe is disconnected. Thank you for doing this.

Two places for potential future improvement:

  1. In the “Portal” options backend, the Account preview panel shows “plan” and “billing” even with no Stripe account connected.
    (I was confused by this, and assumed this was an actual preview of the actual site, not a generic preview.)

  2. If Stripe is connected, but the site is configured with only “Free” checked in the Portal settings, then account and billing still shows up for a logged in member in their Portal modal. This, again, could be confusing.
    (A connected Stripe account to a free-only blog is an edge case, I know. But I was in this position, thinking that if I simply only checked “Free” then it would take away upgrade language.)