Dawn Modifications

I made some very modest modifications to Dawn which can be seen on my journal

If any of these mods are useful to others the code is here:

  • enhanced index.hbs home page to an infinite scrolling feed (from casper)
  • for each post the publish date and first tag appear above each item
  • if there’s a featured image it appears beneath publish date / tag and above title
  • using excerpt text from ghost admin as the post content (if no custom content then it truncates)
  • added a ‘read more’ link since may not always be obvious these are truncated stories
  • adding ability to hover over each post content (image, content extract, read more) to hyperlink to the feature
  • disabled some ghost upsell / subscriber details that were appearing and distracting
  • created some mobile media tags in feed.css to render the content better on phones using post-card-image img
  • I added photo-via-link CSS but disabled the feature in index.hbs that supports image source attribution to images that appear on the homepage (eg if you add a URL to the alt tag of a featured image in ghost editor and uncomment the text in index.hbs you will get a link in small text under the photo that says ‘Photo via’ which will link to the alt tag URL you added)
  • I have added prism.js and their CSS to make it easy to embed code (with copy code plugin) using twilight and disabled the border
  • in content.hbs added a #nofeature tag to prevent the feature image from appearing on article posts from Different Hero Image to Feature Image in a Ghost Blog since I also don’t want these images appearing in emails i’m currently publishing, sending the email, then updating the post with the feature image and #nofeature tag (but i’ll probably soon just remove the featured image from the email newsletter template just haven’t gotten around to it)