Help with Dawn Ghost theme


I am a newbie and have been reading through the Dawn theme documentation carefully. For reference, the link is: Dawn Ghost Theme Documentation - IVEEL

I notice that for many things that involve customization, you have to locate in this directory:
partials/customize/ and then find the appropriate .hbs file to modify.

However, there is no customize folder in the one the source files I downloaded. Do we have to make a customize folder, and a .hbs inside it?

The second confusion I had was with the subscribe button at the bottom of the website’s theme. I wanted to get rid of it, since I found it interfered with the website design I had in mind, but I couldn’t find a way to code that out. I’m talking about the big button at the bottom of the site, for reference

here’s my site (very unfinished, and also, I intend on using it only for blogging and a newsletter):

I had trouble getting the disqus commenting system to work, but once I understand that file path directory issue I mentioned earlier, I should be able to code it in. I just don’t know where the “customize” directory is in partials/customize/config.hbs, or where the config.hbs is.

If there are any tips or suggestions in general for my site anyone would want to give me, I’d appreciate it. I’m still working on simple graphics to add to each page, as well as getting the articles (blogging) and Newsletter pages to function (I’m still learning that on my own, but I don’t need to ask others yet for that).

So to summarize:
I’m confused on the file path partials/customize/config.hbs that the documentation describes, where the customize folder is,
I want to get rid of the enlarged “subscribe” button on the bottom of the site,
and if there are anymore tips you want to give on my rough draft of a site ( I’d be eager to listen! Like I said, I intend on using my site for only a simple weekly blog, monthly newsletter, and an about page for who I am. Graphics on the site I’m still working on, but I’m just here to ask questions that I can’t get past on my own.
Thanks for reading!

Did you ever get a solution for this?