Dawn theme - remove login/subscribe?

Please bear with me. I am a complete newbie with Ghost. I haven’t touched custom CSS for a blog since Wordpress in 2010. I feel ancient.

I just set up a blog with the Dawn theme. I am not interested in subscription features. Is there a way to remove the “Log In” and “Subscribe” links on BOTH the home page (the buttons) AND the upper right navigation? Can this be done with a code inject or do I need to edit specific files? Which ones? What should I remove?

EDIT: I should specify that I know how to turn memberships off. I want to know how to remove the links from showing up on my design.

I know the answer to this one! Copy all of this to your code injection and it’ll be more better gooder!

.cover-cta, .copyright, .menu-item-cta, .single-footer, .sticky, .header-right, .members-login {
    display: none;

.social {
    display: flex;
    margin-bottom: 0rem;

.logo-text {
    color: var(--brand-color); 
.cover-icon-image {
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If you are ok with changing theme files, I would suggest to download the theme and do the following changes

  1. post.hbs - remove the code between and including {{#unless @member}} and {{/unless}}.
  2. index.hbs - same here. remove the unless @member block.

This should get rid of all mentions of members and subscribing. Don’t forget to zip and upload.


This is exactly what I needed. THANK YOU!

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