Remove Subscribe button in menu for Source theme

Can I also use a snippet of code to get rid of the Subscribe button in the top bar of the Source theme?

Find on forum how to hide, then use dev console and change name for Your top sign up :slight_smile:

Probably a good answer to my not so detailed question. I cannot edit any files but can only work with code snippets :face_with_peeking_eye:

Can you share a screenshot of the button? And, also, why do you want to hide it? The answer to that might change how it’s hidden.

This orange Subscribe button, it is on the right in the logo area and it just feels like one button too many ;) {
    display: none;

In style tags. :)

@Cathy_Sarisky give You solution, but if You dont know how to use. Then → Ghost PanelCode injectionSite header

Unfortunately that code doesn’t do the trick

Hm, did you wrap the code in style tags?


Also, a live link always helps to debug :slight_smile:

Could You give na URL?

Tried the style thing with no such luck

Before using code:

After using code:

The code:

  .gh-navigation-members {
    display: none;

You need to use it:
Ghost AdminAdvancedCode InjectionSite header

Please link the live site if it isn’t working - I suspect you’ve got an easy to fix error, but can’t fix it without seeing it. :)

I apologise, probably I typed something wrong this morning, it works. Only thing is when using the sign in the button flashes by but that doesn’t bother me.

This works, but also removes the sign in thing :slight_smile: which in the end makes it better cause then I can use the menu for a log in and change the language from English, TOP!

Thanks to all help, this support forum really is my favourite one all time high, one always get help and great answers when asking questions here :smiley: