Removing "Login" or linking to a different site

Hi all,

I’m wondering if there is any documentation on how to remove the login button from the ghost site? I’m using the Edition theme?

It’s a little confusing for our members because we use a separate portal. Ideally we’d like the “login” button to link to a different site.

Has anyone figured out how to either remove the login button from the page, or how to change what it links to?

Appreciate any and all feedback!

The login / subscribe button (it’s either or depending on the theme)

I did a bit of searching and found that you can go to:

settings → membership.

Under portal settings there’s a section where you could change the links, but it seems that it is not allowed. It’s quite a funny decision not to let the admin to change to where these links point to.

You can change the subscription access to no one but does not remove the link. It only disables it. Another funny decision if you ask me.

So, the only option would be to disable it manually through the theme, or using css to hide the links.

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Open the partials/header.hbs file you will find the following code there in bottom,

{{#if @member}}
<button class="button-text menu-item members-account" data-portal="account">Account</button>
<button class="button-text menu-item members-login" data-portal="signin">Login</button>

Remove or change the code from there if you don’t want the Login link at the header.