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Hello, Ghosties -

I’ve used WordPress and Webflow to build sites, and I’m new to Ghost. So far I’m enjoying the ecosystem, but I have a couple of questions.

I have a deck of cards for which I’d like to provide descriptions. In WordPress, I’d use pages and subpages to do this, and in Webflow I’d make a CMS collection and manipulate it accordingly.

What is a good way to do this in Ghost? I’d like to have a page that serves as an index to all of the cards, and then have each card as its own page.

Also, how do I create a sort order in Ghost? This is easy to do in the aforementioned, but it’s not obvious how to do this in Ghost.

Thanks so much! I look forward to much ghostly activity in this community.

– Scott

Howdy, Scott! Welcome to the forum.

I think your cards could be posts. I’d add a tag (perhaps an #internal tag) indicating that they’re cards, so that you can pull them all onto one index page, separate from any other posts, and exclude them from other places that posts might display. [Pages is also plausible - that has the advantage of them not showing up in other places you display posts, but the disadvantage of needing to write a custom page to display them.)

If you want a different display from what’s provided by index.hbs or tag.hbs (if not an internal tag), you can set that in your routes.yaml file.

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Thank you! This gives me direction in building that part of the site.

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